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Ready-Made Golf Trips

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Join other groups who have enjoyed our affordable and carefully curated golf trips to major destinations where all you have to do is pay and show up with your buddies!  We buy golf trips in bulk, then toss in some extras so you always get the best price and the best golf trip experience! 

Ready-Made Golf Trip
Destination Kohler: Whistling Straits & Blackwolf Run - Oct 2022
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TripCaddie is a marketplace that serves with a passion
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The TripCaddie “Live” Community is all about sharing our passion for the game of golf and exploring some of the most incredible golf destinations in the world! It’s even better when we get to do both of these things with our friends.  This is the only place online fully dedicated to making the golf trip experience the best it can be!

When you join the TripCadde “Live” Community, you can:

  • Explore destinations, ask questions, and gain other people’s perspectives of the facility in the destination’s forum.
  • Share your experience and start a discussion with others who might be curious
  • Got some wisdom, a joke, a cool product or service, or a great picture or video to share?  Post it in the feed and let others soak in the joy of golf trip goodness
  • Get EXCLUSIVE CONTENT and OFFERS not available anywhere else!
  • …and so much more!

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The Golf Trip Authority Podcast

The Golf Trip Authority brings the experience of the buddies golf trip to life by entertaining, informing and inspiring golfers with critical information for planning their next buddy golf trip.

Weekly episodes featuring the most popular golf destinations who strive to deliver the very best end-to-end golf trip experience to every guest/group.

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The Golf Trip Manager

Stop sending tons of emails to your group and manage all of your golf trip information in one place! Simply invite your buddies to your private website for your trip where they can get all of the details including the itinerary, accommodations, logistics, pairings, expenses and more.  The group can even use the Smack Talk chat wall to ask questions and talk trash in anticipation of the trip.  Take a FREE Test Drive Today!

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Our destination partners are waiting to serve you an AWESOME golf trip experience.  Once you book your trip, load your itinerary in The Golf Trip Manager then enjoy the podcast to help you show up prepared!

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