We’ve Upgraded The Golf Trip Manager

“Seriously, we could not have made planning a golf trip any easier!”

We just launched a new version of The Golf Trip Manager on TripCaddie.com! We are super excited to share it with you, as a trip leader who has used it to help organize and plan your buddy golf trips. 

We are in the process of migrating trips from the old platform to our new one. If you create an account here on TripCaddie.com with the same email address you used on the old platform, you should see your migrated trip after you login. 
If for some reason you don’t see a trip that you created on the old platform, send us a note and let us know. We will get your trip set up on the new platform right away.

Why are we doing this? Two main reasons. 

  1. The new version is the best version yet of The Golf Trip Manager that we know you will LOVE! We’ve listened to all your feedback and made this new version so much easier to use. It’s mobile-friendly and we’ve integrated the app with our Destinations and our Podcast so you and your group will be even better prepared to enjoy your golf trip.

  2. The new version will allow us to better support you by making it easier to add new functionality – and we have a lot in store for you this year!

What is Changing?

  • Upgraded Design: This new design was built with a Trip Leader in mind. It offers a much easier way to add, edit and share the trip information with your group. It’s even mobile-friendly for easier access on the go!

  • Build then Share: This version will allow you as the Trip Leader to build all the information on the trip site, then share with your group when you are ready.

  • Podcast and Destination Integration: TripCaddie’s mission is to make it crazy easy to plan a buddy golf trip. By unifying the Golf Trip Manager with the main platform, it allows us to integrate all the Destination and Podcast information to create a great experience while planning.

  • Chat and Photo Gallery: These features are still in transition. So look for them in an upcoming release. For now, you can add one-way messages in the Welcome section and upload photos as Documents for your group to access.
What’s Next?
Look for an email from us when we have migrated your trip. We will create an account for you automatically and you will get a Password Reset link in a separate email. That will let you easily update your password on our new platform and login to access your trip.
From your trip page, you will be able to add new attendees and re-send invites to the buddies you previously invited. Make sure you do that so your group has a link to your new trip site. 
If for some reason, you don’t get the password reset email or you notice some of your trip information is missing, contact us right away and we’ll get you fixed up.
As you start using the new Golf Trip Manager, please send us your feedback! As one of our loyal trip leaders, we want to help you have the best golf trip possible with your buddies. 
Thanks for using The Golf Trip Manager and enjoy your trip!

The TripCaddie.com Team

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