The Ready-Made Golf Trip

Tired of Planning Your Buddy Golf Trip?  Let Us Do ALL The Work For You!… 

Join our affordable and carefully curated golf trips to major destinations where all you have to do is pay and show up with your buddies!  We’ve done all the work!  We work with each resort to build an ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE to show off all their golf trip goodness, then we create an incredible deal by buying for multiple groups and passing the savings on to you.  

Stay and Play with your own group the entire week.  Just select a trip that works for your group save your spot! 
These trips do book fast. So visit our site often or reserve your group’s place in advance from our lineup.

Our 2023-24 Lineup!

Pacific Dunes ranks as the #3 Course You Can Play!

Bandon Dunes

Father's Day, June 12-16 2024

Come with us on the ultimate buddy golf trip to the #1 Golf Resort in the World! Give the gift of Golf Travel, or enjoy this perfect Father/Son bonding moment. Experience golf as it was meant to be playing all six authentic links golf courses located on the rugged Pacific coast of Southern Oregon. 

Home to Tiger Woods' first Public Golf Course
Payne's Valley!

Big Cedar Lodge

2023 TBA

Featuring Tiger Woods’ first public golf course by TGR Designs and dedication to Payne Stewart – Payne’s Valley!  This is one trip you will not want to miss!  Big Cedar has 3 of the best golf courses in Missouri, a world class Par 3 challenge and an unbelievable 13-hole short course.  This is the HOTTEST resort in the country that you and your buddies MUST PLAY!

Check Out Our Past Trips!

The Ryder Cup Take Over | September 2020 | Destination Kohler and Erin Hills

Golf’s Newest Wonderland | October 2021 | Big Cedar Golf Resort

Fall in Wisconsin | October 2022 | Destination Kohler and Erin Hills

Watch for our “Golf Trip Scouting Missions” on Instagram as we explore possible destinations for future Ready-Made Golf Trips!

Here's What Other's Say

This is your new buddies trip!
An AWESOME Destination, a PERFECT itinerary! Stay and play with your
buddies with an option to join others in the total experience – or do your own thing! 

No more hassle trying to build a trip like this on your own, TripCaddie has done it all for you!  Your Trip Leader / Commissioner just picks a trip that works for your group then reserves a spot! It’s that easy!  These trips do book fast. So visit our site often or reserve your group’s place in advance.


  • A Trip of Trips: This trip serves multiple buddies groups, each on their own, that plan their own thing for their own group – They hang out, eat, drink, golf, wager, compete, enjoy excursions ALL ON THEIR OWN!
  • Think of us as your COMMISSIONER – We did all the work for you in securing the best tee times for your group on the best courses, with the best accommodations – at the BEST PRICE.  PERIOD.  The rest is up to you and your buddies to do what you want to do on property.  We can always help if you need anything.
  • If you never talk to or hang with another group or TripCaddie while on site, that is entirely up to you! It’s your buddy trip!
  • TripCaddie will host an OPTIONAL Reception on the first day, to say “Hello!” and “Thank You.”  We will have an open bar, free food, music, occasional special guests, and fun putting contests with prizes for everyone to enjoy.


  •  This is NOT A massive group OUTING!  Nope, you will play with your own group every round.
  •  This is NOT a tournament with leaderboards or a format that everyone must play! Nope, you pick the formats, games within your own group that you typically enjoy.  TripCaddie can work with you and your group to get what you need for your competition: handicapped and dotted scorecards, closest to the pin markers, long drive markers, trophies, etc… Just for your group!
  •  No Mandatory ANYTHING except showing up for your tee times on time! That’s all we (and the resort) ask!
  • This is your own trip for you and your buddies: there are no joint activities required with other groups. Of course, after meeting some of the other groups, you are welcome to have some friendly competitions – golf, drinking, or otherwise!


Need Help?

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